I’ve Found Freshii!

Okay, for those of you already familiar with this healthy “fast food” franchise, you might be thinking that I’m a bit slow on the uptake. How could I have NOT heard of this fast spreading yummy place called Freshii by now? They’re showing up everywhere! You do, of course, understand my excitement, especially knowing that I’m a gluten-free, keto kind of gal! We stumbled in … Continue reading I’ve Found Freshii!

Rathbaun Farm

As you are traveling around the Emerald Isle, you can’t help but notice that most iconic four-legged inhabitant, nearly everywhere you turn. I’ve seen them on farms, in fields, perched on rocks and wandering down roads. Are there more sheep than people in Ireland, you wonder? There ARE! Makes sense, you think, for surely a LOT of wool is needed to make those great sweaters … Continue reading Rathbaun Farm

Habits and Resolutions

Welcome 2018! Whoop whoop! Who thought up this notion of New Year’s resolutions and why are we obligated to come up with something? What is it about the New Year that brings out our desire to wipe our slates clean and start over – healthier, happier and more organized? Frankly, I’m always messing with my slate. Or a fresh piece of paper. I am hyper-aware … Continue reading Habits and Resolutions

The Metro Hotel – Dublin Airport

One of my challenges here when planning a flight with my partner, who works a crazy schedule all over the place and I don’t drive, is figuring out how to meet him somewhere if he can’t come pick me up. I always work out a public transportation plan – just in case. I will book flights to the States for after 11AM, leaving us all … Continue reading The Metro Hotel – Dublin Airport

Explore Muckross Gardens – for FREE!

I love when my itinerary includes time in Killarney, primarily because of Killarney National Park and the surrounding MacGillycuddy Reeks. It is absolute eye candy for this Oregon girl! Twice now, we’ve been given lend of a jeep, so we grabbed Saoirse and set off exploring. On our first trip, after creeping our way up to Ladies View, stopping many times to follow paths and … Continue reading Explore Muckross Gardens – for FREE!

10 Good Group Travel Behavior Tips

Some things should go without saying. Or so I thought. We Americans have that reputation as being “ugly” in some places and I certainly can say that over a lifetime I have had my moments. Nothing I am very proud of, I assure you. What I love about Ireland is that they still like us! They are appreciative of everything we’ve done for them and … Continue reading 10 Good Group Travel Behavior Tips

I am not Rick Steves.

I am not Rick Steves. God love him with his great books, videos, website and tours, and his friendly outgoing social persona that gets every best delicious morsel out of his travels. We dream of being like him. But you see, I’m an introvert. I don’t mean the misconceived antisocial weirdo hermit image that just popped in to your brain. I love the way Laurie … Continue reading I am not Rick Steves.